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Download here a Savegame from the role play game Oblivion.

Size: 15,5 MB (16.334.824 Bytes)
Oblivion Savegame here: DOWNLOAD

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Review

If you enjoy a good role playing game then this is the one for you. Itís been said that The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion is one of the best role playing games ever to be made. I would say the best feature of this game (which definitely made it stand out to me) is the fact that the game will take hours and hours to complete as it has massive maps to be explored and the quests you have to complete can be done in any order at any time. You truly are free to do as you please, you can even join guilds and take on sub quests. One thing I must mention which makes this stand out from the rest if the artificial intelligence within this game and you actually get a feel for the characters you meet. Along with the superb graphics they seem so real and lifelike Ė itís truly amazing.

The game does have it fault which I will go onto mention now, there is a lot of loading times with this game due to the sheer size of it but they are frequent so itís not so bad but can just get annoying from time to time.

The game itself is said to take around 40 hours from start to finish which will keep even the most hardcore gamers occupied. This game has definitely been thought out well and a lot of work has been inputted. Firstly you create your own character which can take a long time as the customization seems endless Ė you may as well perfect him/her as your going to be them for a long time in the attempt to complete this game.

Once set out in the world you are free to do as you please whether you search the map top to bottom finding every little secret it has to offer, you can even break into peoples houses but be warned Ė if you get caught you have to pay the consequences, buy a house, and even fall ill. These are just some of the thing you can actually do within this game Ė as you will be starting to get the picture, the game is endless. You build your character up by training and practising the skills you want unlike other role playing games where you get more experience by just going out and attacking anything and everything that moves. While exploring the world you will notice that every person you meet is new and unique so that just shows how much development has gone into this game to make it one of the most realistic games of our time.

They have gone for a new approach in this game to suit any gamerís genre, although itís a role playing game you can play the game how you want it, you can go out mugging, fighting people to make it a action game, play the whole game in stealth or maybe as an adventure game. However you play it will be certainly satisfying and rewarding and more then likely one of the best games you have played.