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Heroes of Might and Magic V

Heroes of Might and Magic V Save
6 campaigns and 30+ missions waiting for you in the adventure strategy RPG Heroes of Might and Magic V. For all who fail at one Mission, it gives here a 269 MB large Save-Packet with Saves to all Missions. Download it here now, itís free!

Size: 269 MB !!!
Heroes of Might and Magic V Save here: DOWNLOADEN

Heroes of might and Magic V Review

Playing Heroes of Might and Magic have not been my forte of games. I am not a turn by turn nut but the graphics and animations has reeled me in. Heroes of Might and Magic has come a long way, once I saw this player playing this game and I really did not understand it. The Main purpose of the game is guide your character into his path for glory. Itís not a real time strategy game, itís turn based.

Gladly, this game never turned out to be bad afterall. Amidst all the graphical magnificence of the game, it still maintained its basic controls and familiarily as with the Heroes of Might and Magic Games. However, there are some characters or monsters omitted for some unknown reason. Anyway, you still have your six playable factions that fans are very much familiar with.

The gameís graphics is pretty much amazing. Granting that this is an RPG game and can be enjoyed with lousy graphics, this game pretty much has it all. Imagine, amazing graphical magnificence and clarity. Waging war with the world has never been this fun and enjoyable. Anyway, the price for wonderful graphics is a good gaming rig, so you better prepare that gaming rig.

The sound was pretty much fantastic, I imagine that I am almost there. The musical score was amazing and will pretty much gets you worked up for the game. The effects are on timing and amazing.

The bottomline is that this game is pretty much great. Although certain aspects of the game was changed a bit, the basics are still there and old and new players will take more or less 1 hour to fully learn this game.