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Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted Save
Download here a Save Game to Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Size: 12,0 KB
Need for Speed Most Wanted Save here: DOWNLOADEN

Need for Speed Most Wanted Review

Need for speed Underground has kept us entertained for quite some time. But I believe you do know that those races were illegal right? Itís the world of Underground racing but there was no Cops involved. Well, everything is all too well on this game. Itís pretty much more realistic since you get to race and be chased by cops because you were breaking the speed limit.

Races usually happen by day time, so there will be more cars around and cops will be chasing you all over when you try to break the speed limit. The game is highly graphic intestive and almost realistic. You awe in magnificence when you see your self designed car.

As you can read, Iíve been saying that the graphics is pretty much graphic intensive. Well, yeah the surreal car and the lush environment will pretty much get you in the sinister mood of outrunning a cop. But be warned though, there are cops that are pretty much fast as well so donít get cocky.

One thing I enjoyed is the pretty much interesting cutscenes. Itís really really good and really really funny at the same time. Well, if you are a RPG nut I cannot promise a more immersive storyline but definitely the cutscenes will get you entertained.

The Soundtrack is one of the wonderful aspects of the movie. Like in the other Need for Speed editions, the soundtrack will definitely keep you in the mood for some racing. The sound is pretty much realistic as well. When youíre into a crash and just skidding on the freeway, youíll be amazed on how realistic it sounds.

Overall, the game is pretty much exciting and adrenaline pumping. I also enjoyed pimping my ride and putting all the coolest stuff on it. Finally, the open road is an exciting feature as well, familiarizing myself with the location and making quick shortcuts. Itís amazing what you can do while sitting down.

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